Rat Stereotaxic

Model 941, designed in 2016 as the first stereotaxic instrument by TOOS BioResearch Co, is an:
  • easy-to-use instrument that facilitates proper alignment of small animals for the stereotaxic placement of electrodes, micropipettes, cannula and other devices.
  • The process in which the instrument is built and assembled assures that the researcher will be able to make accurate placements.
  • Precise alignment of the slides assures smooth movements resulting in correct use of the atlases.
  • The instrument consists of a rugged “U” frame to which is affixed a three-dimensional Electrode Manipulator.
  • A Standard Electrode Holder with corner clamp is included. Manipulator X, Y, Z Adjustment: Metric scale, 80 mm travel, calibrated 1 mm/rev, 0.1 mm resolution in linear, 0.04 mm resolution in rotational Vernier scale.
  • Angle adjustment: Fully universal joint calibrated on two planes for access from any angle.
  • Vertical alignment pin can be removed for angled settings from 0° - 90° either side of vertical, 1° increments.
  • Rotation Adjustment: Manipulator swivel base can be rotated up to 360°. Manipulator X/Z axis can be repositioned at 5 or 10° increments.
  • The stereotaxic frame is mounted to a 400 mm L x 250 mm W base plate and is elevated to bring ear bar height to 57 mm. Ear bar slots on the “U” frame have 0.1 mm Vernier scale for ease in centering the animal. Ear bar zero to posterior end of base plate is 180 mm. A Rat Adaptor features include a nose and tooth bar assembly offering various stereotaxic adjustments.
  • Dorsal/Ventral adjustment dial: Calibrated in 100 micron increments, 1 mm per revolution.
  • Dorsal/Ventral adjustment: 30 mm Dorsal, 10 mm above ear bar zero Ventral, 20 mm below ear bar zero Adaptor Plate A/P adjustment, 44 mm.